2017 EGCR Hotel – Phone Call and Email Alert

We’ve just been made aware that exhibitors and attendees of the EGCR are receiving phone calls (and possibly emails) from a company called Convention Housing Bureau, inquiring if you have made reservations for the 2017 EGCR and/or offering to assist you with reservations.

Please be aware that the EGCR has not contracted with a third party to assist you with hotel reservations. Companies such as this are frequently referred to as ‘hotel poachers’ in the meetings industry because they attempt to get you to make a reservation using their services and often will either not make the reservation at all or not make the reservation at your requested hotel. After you’ve given them your credit card number, it is a difficult process to receive a refund and may involve onerous penalties to cancel.

You can read more about this practice here:  http://www.meetings-conventions.com/News/Features/Beware-of-Room-Poachers/

It is important to remember that ALL HOTEL RESERVATIONS for the EGCR should be handled by you, individually, and that the EGCR has not contracted with a third-party to contact you to make reservations on our behalf.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 412-372-4301.

4/17/17 UPDATE

We have been made aware of another company called Exposition Housing using the same practices.