About the EGCR

About the EGCR

During the early 1970’s, discussion was commonplace among local gas industry and support personnel concerning the need for a program to address operating and maintenance questions on engine/compressor systems in the Morgantown, WV area.

Those early pioneers were:

  • Edward Schwartz, Consolidated Gas Supply Corp.
  • Don Boundurant, West Virginia University
  • Lewis Wetzel, Peoples Natural Gas Company
  • Rodney S. Applegate, Consolidated Gas Supply Corp.
  • Arthur J. Kerr, Jr., Kerr Engineered Sales Co.
  • Glenn Poole, Equitable Gas Company
  • John Sloan, Sloan Brothers, Inc.
  • William A. Miller, Ingersoll Rand Company
  • Richard A. Boulden, R. Boulden Company

The first Roundtable was held May 16-18, 1973 on the Evansdale Campus of West Virginia University in cooperation with the College of Mineral Energy Resources. The “roundtable” discussion format was utilized with group discussions on eleven selected topics of interest. A member of the industry served as discussion leader in each session with manufacturing and/or service organization representatives serving as resource leaders. Attendance of 341 people representing more than 100 companies was recorded. With this base to grow on, the roundtable has expanded and includes lectures and hands on workshops. Attendance has exceeded 1,000 with people from all over the country and even some foreign attendees.

Board of Directors

Keith W. Schafer
TC Energy

Vice Chairman
Tom Coyne
Hi-Tech Compressor

Keith Sauter

Bob Painter
ACI Services, Inc.

Exhibits Chairman
Brian Connell
Ellwood Crankshaft

Exhibits Vice Chairman
Randy McDonald
Potemkin Industries

Program Chairman
Frank Parker
Equitrans Midstream

Program Vice Chairman
Stephen Wright
CSI Compressco LP

Program Vice Chairman
Kyle Jones
Ariel Corporation

Program Vice Chairman
Tim Chicoine
MRC Global
Publicity Chairman
Roy Houston
ACI Services, Inc.

Publicity Vice Chairman
Seth Johnson
TC Energy

Policies & Procedures
Joe Reiheld
ACI Services, Inc.

Matt McCarthy
Sloan Lubrication Systems

Mike Roy
Crestwood Midstream

David Kerr
Kerr Engineered Sales

Executive Director
Joyce Perhac
Foxfire Management
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