Chairman Letter

From EGCR’s Chairman

2013 Show FloorAs we’ve watched and been excited to see the EGCR grow in both attendance and offerings each year, we are equally excited to watch the growth and innovation in the industry itself. As a volunteer organization, we believe that everyone involved in the EGCR­ — from vendors to members and attendees­ — possesses the spirit to work together for our combined mutual benefit. It’s an especially exciting time thanks to improving technology and all of the energy available locally and throughout North America.

Each year as we prepare for three days of unparalleled training at the Roundtable, know that the EGCR is grateful for the continued support we receive from a vast group of great companies. We hope that you will make an opportunity to thank those companies and join them in their efforts.

The EGCR is a non-profit organization that strives to provide quality training to all facets the Natural Gas Industry. As an organization, it is our goal each year to improve the quality and variety of our training.

Over the years we have not only developed our own programs and topics but we have evolved to become less “Roundtable” focused and more instructional to aid attendees in the performance of their duties and to become a better educational tool for attendees. Additionally, many of the instructors are employees with the Natural Gas companies we serve. These individuals bring a wealth of both experience and expertise to our sessions.

Interested in getting involved?

EGCR is your organization. We encourage member participation in planning the future of the EGCR and hope you will consider volunteering. Write to us for more information.